How It Works

Get up and running in 4 easy steps

  • 1

    Sign up with airScan

    Visit airScan and create free account there.

  • 2

    Contact TABC to get invitation

    Click on "Get Invite Code" to get invitation to the application

  • 3

    Sign up with vBox

    Once invitation email is sent, click on the the link in the email to sign
    up with vBox

  • 4

    Submit document via web or mobile device

    Login to vBox via web, or download airScan for iOS and
    airScan for Android and upload a document


vBox replaces the traditional P.O. Box, instead of receiving a paper document in a P.O. Box, the digital file is securely and reliably delivered using encryption. The files are immediately available online to approve personnel after being uploaded. Within minutes, multiple employees of the agency can, simultaneously, begin processing an application or request.



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